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Generator rental and powerplants

Need power for a project? Want quick expert advice? We help you choose the right generators and accessories. We advise you on fuel management and our rental equipment is delivered and professionally installed by our engineers.

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Temporary power solutions and mobile power plants

You need a temporary power solution to quickly get up and running. Whether you are working on a construction project, carrying out maintenance or operating in a place where the local power supply is unreliable or non-existent, you can rent individual generators ranging from 15 kVA to complete mobile power plants that deliver several megawatts (MW) of power. Our technical experts will be happy to advise you on the best solution and provide a competitive quotation. In addition to standard generators, we also have a range of hybrid rental solutions that combine generators with energy storage batteries. Through careful monitoring we can ensure optimal efficiency and lower fuel consumption. When you rent a generator from us you can also count on expert delivery and installation. Our skilled engineers will install the machine where you want it and, if necessary, show you how to use it. So you can hit the ground running. And, of course, we also offer 24/7 service throughout the project.

Choose the right generator or temporary power solution

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on which of our rental generators will best meet your needs. We always ensure that you receive the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes it might be a heavy-duty rental generator that is always operating at full load to meet a high power demand. More often, peak power is only needed at certain times of the day. Our smart power management and energy storage solutions adapt to meet temporarily higher power needs. The ESaver is a smart arrangement that connects a battery to a standard generator up to 50 kVA, so the generator only has to switch on if there is a significant increase in the power demand. The ESaver can also be combined with a mobile solar plant! For greater power needs there is the brand new Big Battery Box, which can store up to 600 kWh. This makes it the perfect solution for maintenance operations and grid takeovers. Our extensive range of rental generators and energy storage solutions allows you to use cleaner and more cost-effective energy sources!

Mobile power plants with tailored output

If you need a totally reliable high-power power supply, look no further. If you need power for a temporary project or event or are looking for a permanent solution, we will help you set up a power plant that can deliver up to several megawatts (MW) of power. Our power plant solutions are tailored to the user's needs. Power management allows us to create a system that responds to changes in power demand, operating at full load to run a production line, cooling system or an event site during the day, for example, then switching to a small generator for emergency lighting and security at night. This maximises the efficiency of the setup and reduces diesel consumption. All power plant generators can also be installed in duplicate so you always have backup power.

A turnkey temporary power solution

Our experts will help you decide on the best way to set up a (mobile) power plant. Our power plants are used in deserts, remote quarries and places where the local grid is not always equipped to respond to the power demand. If you want to build a new power house, we can advise you on the design and suggest the best place to install it. Factors that need to be considered include safe operation, airflow and storage of spare parts. Our design plans incorporate best access for maintenance, safe fuel storage and concealed cables. We can also build in extra fuel and dust filtration. Furthermore, we can deliver a (rental) power plant in one or more containers that can be placed under cover or left out in the open air. Once you have decided, we provide a complete turnkey power solution. If necessary, we can also arrange instruction or complete training for your operators.

The benefits of Bredenoord generator rental and temporary mobile power systems

When you rent a generator from Bredenoord you get a system that is as complete as possible. You can choose from a range of fuel tank sizes and order additional cables, machines, lighting masts and distribution boxes. Sustainability-enhancing extras include the ClearAir soot filter, which removes 99.9% of soot particles, and fuel options such as biofuel and GTL diesel. We also offer rental solutions for testing and maintenance operations, including a system for synchronous grid takeovers. You can also use load banks. Our expert drivers deliver and install the equipment so you can start working straight away.

We have rental power solutions for every situation. Sometimes you need to ensure strict emission control or to keep noise to a minimum to accommodate local residents. You might have to meet strict safety requirements or to prevent a high-impact power outage, which requires redundant backup. At Bredenoord we have the answer:

  • Standard generators that can be combined for added security
  • Low noise generators
  • Hybrid generators that can also be combined with solar energy
  • Container generators
  • Twin sets
  • Offshore power generators that comply with strict offshore safety regulations
  • Start-up units for remote areas with water and power in the same container

And increasing number of systems now include online monitoring, so you can check output and fuel consumption wherever you are. This also makes it possible to optimise system performance. So no matter what your power needs are, renting a generator or (mobile) power plant from Bredenoord is the best and most reliable solution.