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About Bredenoord

Energy is what keeps the world going. Energy makes it possible for people to live comfortably and keeps the economy running strong. Bredenoord offers energy solutions that enable successful and robust business capabilities — especially where energy is not always a certainty or easily available or when there are permit and environmental requirements to consider. Bredenoord ensures that business professionals and institutions can work the way they want to, and that government agencies can get their work done. Around the world, today and tomorrow — guaranteed!


At Bredenoord, our business philosophy is based on the following mission: “Bredenoord is an independent family-run business that develops, supplies, maintains and operates the most reliable and cutting-edge decentralised energy systems worldwide and, consequently, provides its customers with energy security."

Standard, custom-made and hybrid

Since every energy need is different, we offer a choice between standard power or a custom solution for your specific situation. We offer the possibility to rent or buy our equipment, ranging from a 15 kVA for a construction site along the motorway to a 60 MW power plant. Bredenoord specialises in hybrid solutions. These smart combinations of energy storage, generators and grid connections provide you with cost-effective, sustainable solutions with considerably reduced emissions. With a fleet of over 2,600 different generators, dozens of battery systems and accessories like solar panels, we can handle any challenge that may arise. Our consultants, engineers, service technicians and drivers are ready to provide the assistance you need 24/7. At any time of day or location. Anywhere on the planet.


From our facilities and depots in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Austria, we supply mobile and permanent systems that provide energy security around the world. From 24/7 back-up power in the Port of Rotterdam to emissions-free portable power from energy storage for construction projects. And from sustainable mobile power in Africa to major sports and music events throughout Europe. Thanks to a network of offices and depots and our effective service organisation, we are always on site quickly.


At Bredenoord, our safety, health and environmental policy focuses on creating a safe and healthy working environment, preventing workplace accidents and protecting the environment. Bredenoord is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA** certified. Since we base our approach on ISO and VCA** standards, we are able to continuously optimise our services and safeguard the health and safety of our employees, clients and sub-contractors at all times.