About Bredenoord

Bredenoord is the specialist in temporary and mobile power solutions. Throughout the world, we ensure that businesses, institutions and governmental organisations can work as they wish to. In a clean, efficient and responsible way. Together with our clients, we work on appropriate solutions for sustainable energy security.

Optimal combination of technologies

Every energy need is different; at Bredenoord, you can count on the best solution for your situation. Whether you’re looking for the cleanest, most efficient or most cost-effective solution, through the smart combination of different technologies, we guarantee optimum reliability. Today, this often means hybrid configurations focussed on energy storage. By connecting a zero-emission battery to solar or wind energy systems, to the mains power grid or to a generator, sustainable energy provision is achieved. We also have generators and systems with more sustainable fuels such as HVO and hydrogen. With our fleet of storage systems, diverse generators and accessories and our experienced engineers, service mechanics, drivers and advisors, we are here to help 24/7, so you can get to work immediately.

Towards a zero-emission future for temporary power

For many years, our R&D department has been working towards providing temporary and mobile power with the lowest emissions possible. In doing so, we ensure energy security for our clients, also when fossil fuels are less desirable or available and strict (emissions) rules are in place. The options we offer range from simple, effective solutions such as a patented particulate filter, to bigger challenges such as mobile solar panels. For instance, Bredenoord was the first to provide a mobile hydrogen fuel cell generator, and the ESaver was the first mobile hybrid battery solution for smaller energy needs. We often work on the development of new technologies and solutions, together with our clients, governmental organisations and innovation partners.


For 85 years, we’ve made sure that your work can continue, whenever and wherever you need it to. Having started out in Apeldoorn on the site where we still have our head office, we now have branches and depots in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Austria, and partners all over the world. This means that we’re always quickly on site with the solution to your energy needs. Our batteries have provided power at festivals, for maintenance work on tram systems, in a smart grid and during the construction of solar farms. Our service department keeps emergency power facilities in tip-top condition for the fire department, hospitals and data centres, among others. For construction sites and road maintenance work, we offer an array of accessible solutions that meet all requirements, as well as for mega projects such as the Olympic Games, Formula 1, and World Cup and European Championship football.

Safety at work

The safety of the places we work and of our employees, clients and subcontractors is paramount. Bredenoord has a comprehensive health, safety and environment policy, in order to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, to prevent occupational accidents and to protect the environment. Bredenoord is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA** ('Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors') certified, and our work processes continually reflect the latest ISO and VCA** standards and the science behind these.