For over 80 years the family owned company Bredenoord has been providing energy reliability. It all started in 1937 with a clever idea of founder Jan Bredenoord to generate energy from his wood-based incinerator. He immediately saw how this could help local entrepreneurs in their business operations. Since then all Bredenoord generations look for new opportunities for smart solutions for mobile and decentral energy. We move along with the changing energy market in order to guarantee our customers optimal focus on their own core business. Anytime and anywhere.

Flexibly responding to the customer
Already during the sixties it became clear that many entrepreneurs did not always need permanent mobile power, but at alternating locations for a limited period of time. As a second generation sons Jan and Nico anticipated on this and started the rental of generators. To facilitate decentral power at any location they bought a truck to be able to deliver the generators at the clients. Today the service package has been expanded over the past decades and the delivery service and the 24/7 service facility have become an integral part of Bredenoord.

The growth of Bredenoord has resulted in the opening of several new offices in different countries over the recent years. From these offices many small and large events have been provided with an energy solution. Under the third generation Bredenoord offspring our R&D-department, where customized emergency power configurations and new products are being developed, came into being. Together with the customer we explore what is needed in a specific situation.