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With a slogan like “Our Energy, Your Power” it only makes sense for Bredenoord to always be occupied with the energy of our future. Especially in this age, wherein the emission of nitrogen oxides, CO2 and particulate matter must be drastically reduced and the prices for energy and fuel are unprecedentedly high. Our goal remains to always deliver reliable mobile energy systems, even when fossil fuels must be replaced by alternative fuels and sustainable energy sources. From that energy vision we develop smart and innovative solutions, in-house and in collaboration with partners.


From our energy vision we focus on the following four cornerstones and clever combinations thereof.

This is what innovating with Bredenoord is like

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We strive for emission free mobile power. Everywhere and anytime. A nice challenge, but we also have a long way to go. For small power demands there are already many options, but they are not scalable. This is why we aim for zero emission via low emission. In addition to small scale experiments with alternative fuels and sustainable energy sources, the focus of our R&D department also lies on further developing Battery Boxes, low emission Stage V gensets and making the Bredenoord fleet smarter through IoT.

Manager R&D and New Business

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Are you looking for a versatile job where you’ll come in contact with the newest developments and innovations in the field of mobile power? Our R&D team consists of a progressive team that focuses on researching and developing innovative and sustainable products for energy generation, distribution and storage. Together they contribute to a better living environment in the future!


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Noël Steentjes Manager R&D and New Business

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Franz Hullegie

Franz Hullegie Export Development Manager

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Innovation history

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Using energy responsibly and reducing costs while doing so: nowadays it is one of the cornerstones of many organizations. In response to this, Bredenoord has developed several sustainable solutions throughout the years. To this day we work on innovative, sustainable and smart systems for mobile power every day.

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