Clear Concept products: ready for the future!

Responsible dealing with energy and hence also saving costs: it is a spearhead for many organizations. As an answer Bredenoord offers a specific and sustainable product-line: The Clear Concept products. A series innovative, sustainable and efficient systems for mobile power.

With a motto 'Our Energy, Your Power' it is only logical that we at Bredenoord are always busy with tomorrow’s energy. This enables us to provide your projects with the best solutions. More silent, more efficient or cleaner; we provide you with reliable mobile power, also in case fossil fuels cannot be used that frequently anymore and emission demands become more strict. From that energy-vision we develop clear and innovative solutions, in-house and together with partners.

Ease of choice
The Clear Concept line offers a wide choice. For example by equipping an existing generator with the Clear Air soot filter, the soot emission is reduced by 99.9% in an instant. Are you specifically looking for a more efficient solution, then you could also choose for powermanagement. Thus we unburden you in the process of compliance with the ever stricter permit requirements or CO2 performances, and of course with operational cost savings.

Three elements
At Clear Concept we work on the improvement and innovation of power systems from three different angles:


Sometimes all three angles come together in one product, e.g. in the Purity. However, for sustainable work it is not always necessary to invent new technologies. By the clever combination of existing elements much energy can be saved. The ESaver is the living proof.