Bredenoord celebrates the 100th Battery Box!

Bredenoord has drastically expanded its fleet with battery systems. Right now Bredenoord has over 100 Battery Boxes with powers ranging from 15 to 600 kW, and can thus provide storage solutions suitable for any job.

The right battery for every job

Our customers experience an increased electrification and occasionally also grid congestion or nitrogen emission problems. With our Battery Box we offer a solution. Which Battery Box best suits your project depends on the situation. Battery solutions are often combined with other techniques, such as energy sources that are already present on location, e.g. a grid connection, gensets or a solar park with energy storage. With the Battery Box we can create a (local) smart grid that makes optimal use of the available energy and reduces CO2 and NOx emissions, noise pollution and fuel.

Around us we see the development of many nice, new solutions for temporary power certainty. Bredenoord is a pioneer in this field as well. We often still see a gap between the new technologies and their large scale applicability. Bredenoord’s strength lies in bridging this gap with easily scalable products that can be out to use straight away.

Jaap Fluit, CEO of Bredenoord

Bredenoord sees the use of battery systems as a very important step in the mobile energy transition. As such we are glad to welcome the 100th battery into our fleet. In the near future our fleet of Battery Boxes will be expanded further. Additionally, we are working on other energy solutions of the future, such as hydrogen.

Further electrification in construction and infrastructure

Batteries have by now become an indispensable asset on construction sites and alongside the road. Whether they provide the solution for situations with a small power demand, such as temporary traffic lights or camera surveillance at night, or a larger power demand such as charging an electrical crane, or a very large power demand when grid providers struggle to deliver a new or strengthened grid connection in time. Even for synchronous grid takeovers during transformer maintenance or handling peaks in power demand (peak shaving), a larger battery box forms a good solution.

At festivals too

Using batteries, standalone or along with other energy providers, makes events and festivals more sustainable in a simple way. By using batteries the generators will have to run less often, which also reduces noise pollution and emission.

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