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Output 35 kVA / 28 kW
Emission category Stage V
Max. dimensions 2300 x 1200 x 2030 mm (L x W x H)
Max. weight 2030 kg gross / 1775 kg net
Tank capacity 300 L
Alternative fuels GTL / HVO
Consumption 5,8 L/h at 75% output
Noise level 84 dB(A)
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Low-emission energy

With a Clean Engine Technology genset with a Stage V engine your NOx and soot emissions are reduced to a minimum. This makes Clean Engine Technology a more sustainable choice compared to Stage 3A gensets. These machines are ideal for locations subject to strict emission restrictions.

The right use makes the difference

An important requirement for working with Clean Engine Technology is that the machines are continuously firmly loaded. The optimal load for reducing emissions and maximizing efficiency is 70%. The minimum load to ensure acceptable NOx emissions is around 30%. Our experts will gladly advice you about the best approach for your project. We can also carry out measurements up front to ensure we find a strongly founded custom solution.

Further increasing sustainability

A Stage V genset is at its best in a hybrid solution with a Battery Box. In that case the genset only has to run to charge the Battery Box as needed, or the Battery Box is only needed to handle peaks in the power demand. In order to also reduce CO2 emission you can choose to use HVO instead of regular diesel. Combinations with the grid are possible as well.

Low-emission technique

The Clean Engine Technology Stage V gensets combine the newest techniques to enable low-emission operation. Would you like to know more about hybrid setups consisting of a Stage V genset and a Battery Box or another energy source? Then read this article.