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Generator 15 - 400 kVA

Bredenoord Card Zuidbroek

For years already the Bredenoord generator has proved its reliability when it comes down to fast delivery of temporary power. This fast delivery is guaranteed by our own transport- and delivery service and by our large available stock at locations throughout Northern Europe (NL/BE/DK/DE. The available rental fleet of more than 2000 generators varies from 15 through 2000 kVA. Our generators can be linked and are switchable; this always assures of the best possible solution.

The Bredenoord generators are more silent than an average generator and in addition the generators are always deployable in combination with the ESaver as a hybrid system. In such a set-up you save fuel, you are assured of a more silent solution and of a reduced emission. Every generator allows for multiple connections. For machines up to 70 kVA there is fixed low transportation fee, please check with our Rental team for the conditions.

Please check the below table for the product specifications per capacity.

Direct contact: +31 (0)55-3018501
Generators Output
Generator 15 kVA
Generator with internal tank 15 kVA
Generator 35 kVA
Generator 50 kVA
Generator 60 kVA
Generator 70 kVA
Generator 100 kVA
Generator 125 kVA
Generator 150 kVA
Generator 175 kVA
Generator 200 kVA
Generator 250 kVA
Generator 400 kVA
Option sootfilter Clear Air
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