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? Power 1250 kVA
? Connection Power supply rail
? Measurements (LxWxH) 6.06 x 2.44 x 2.60
? Maximum tank capacity External tank
? Maximum weight (empty) 16,120 kg
? Sound level at 7 meters 76 dB (A)
? Fuel Diesel, GTL, HVO biofuel
? Environment Drip tray with level detection
Close X Power
The genset’s power is expressed in kVA. To calculate the required power you can use the following formulas. A: 100 kVA = 80 kW = 144 amp (cos phi 0.8). B. For powering light and heating calculate an additional 20% (cos phi 1). C. An electric engine can (depending on the type and its application) ask up to eight times its power during loaded runs. A genset can, very briefly, deliver 2x its nominal power. If the load of the genset primarily consists of electric engines, or if you are otherwise uncertain about the required power, we advise contacting our experienced staff. They can calculate precisely what you need.
Close X Connection
A genset can be connected in several ways. Gensets of up to 100 kVA are equipped with a wall outlet and 3-phase track. Starting at 100 kVA only the 3-phase track can be used. The wall outlet goes up to 125 ampere. Powerlock is an option as well. We use a separate connection per ground.
Close X Measurements (LxWxH)
Measurements are noted in length x width x height.
Close X Maximum tank capacity
The tank capacity shows how much fuel the internal or external tank of the genset can hold. The genset uses approximately 20 liters of diesel per 100 kVA used, which means a 50 kVA genset running a load of half its capacity uses approximately 5 liters per hour.
Close X Maximum weight (empty)
This is the weight without fuel.
Close X Sound level at 7 meters
Sound is always expressed in decibel and measured at a 7 meter distance.
Close X Fuel
The gensets are running on fuel. There are various types of fuel available: HVO, diesel, GTL.
Close X Environment
By default equipped with an internal drip tray and level detection. ESaver, biofuel, ISO certification, et cetera.

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Looking for the ideal setup? Our technical advisers will gladly help you out!

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1250 kVA generator

Do you need a powerful and reliable generator? For example, for your construction project, industrial work or backup power? You can rely on our 1250 kVA generator.

We deliver generators from 450 kVA and above as container gensets, which includes the 1250 kVA genset. This genset comes with an external fuel tank and a drip tray with level detection. We offer three fuel types for you to choose from: diesel, GTL or HVO biofuel.

There are countless other options to choose from as well. You can, for example, connect multiple gensets to form a powerplant or use start-stop controls to turn your 1250 kVA genset into a backup generator that will start automatically during a power outage.

Benefits of a 1250 kVA generator from Bredenoord

Are you still questioning whether a 1250 kVA generator is the right choice for you, or are you still clueless as to how your energy problem can be solved? There is no need to worry. Our specialists will gladly help you. They will always provide a solution, even if it isn’t obvious. Bredenoord focusses 100% on delivering decentral energy and we are worldwide experts in this field. You can safely rely on the quality of our solutions.

That is not all. We also find it important to offer affordable solutions, which is why we will send you a competitive quote. If you agree to this we will send our drivers to your location straight away.

Due to our own transportation and delivery service and our large rental supply we can quickly deliver to any location. Naturally our drivers will skillfully set up your generator upon arrival, leaving you with nothing to worry about. Should you encounter any issues while using your 1250 kVA generator, then please let us know immediately, our specialists will help you right away.

Contact our experts to discuss your wishes. We can find a fitting power solution for any project.