Start-stop controls

500 Automaat Nieuw

The equipment sees to it that the grid is protected and in case of power failure the generator switches on automatically and a switch is made to generator operation. If the grid is back on the generator cabinet automatically switches back.

The start-stop equipment offer you the possibility to start your generator via an external signal.

Start-stop equipment: equipped with timer or float switch

  • 15 through 400 kVA

Equipment: equipped with grid monitoring and conversion

  • 15 through 35 kVA (100 A)
  • 50 through 125 kVA (200 A)
  • 50 through 300 kVA (500 A)
  • 300 through 600 kVA (1000 A)
  • 600 through 1000 kVA (1600 A)
  • 1250 kVA (2000 A)
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