Kabels En Haspel

Without the correct cable(s) no reliable (emergency) power on-site! We work with the best materials, assuring you of quality. Are you looking for a different type of cable? Ask our Rental team.

230V extension cable 10/25 meters
16 A extension cable 10/25 meters
32 A extension cable (5x4 mm2) 10/25/50 meters
63 A extension cable (5x35 mm2) 10/25/50 meters
125 A verlengkabel 5x35 mm2 10/25/50 meters
Power cabels different diameters/lengths

All 50, 70, 120 and 240 mm² cables are deliverable from stock for rental. Also all 120 mm² power cables can be equipped with the so-called "power-lock" system which allows for fast installation.

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