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Which role can hybrid energy supply play in your project?

In the world of transport hybrid has become a common concept. Outside of this sector hybrid is a growing phenomenon as well, for example in the energy sector. But what does hybrid mean? Which role can hybrid energy supply play in your project? This article goes further into these questions.

In essence hybrid is the combination of at least two propulsion technologies, in which the best of both is put to use. This often includes a form of energy storage as well. Usually this means a motor uses traditional fuels in combination with a more sustainable alternative. Hybrid is used a lot in the transport sector, but also in other applications such as power generation.

Hybrid cars usually combine a combustion engine, an electric engine and a battery. The combustion engine charges the electric engine through a generator. The generated energy is then transferred to the battery when the car brakes, after which it’s ready for use in situations where the combustion engine alone can’t generate enough power. Hybrid cars are therefore ideal for use inside cities, where cars constantly brake and pull up again.

Originally the concept of hybrid was designed to reduce fuel consumption. As a result hybrid cars are more sustainable than regular cars. This applies to other techniques using hybrid technology as well.


Hybrid gensets

The construction sector, events or emergency power systems can save a lot of fuel by using hybrid gensets in energy efficient installations. For instance, an installation consisting of diesel gensets can be replaced with a combination of solar panels and a genset with a battery as backup. The amount of needed fossil fuel can be reduced even further by using additional fuel saving measures. Should you choose to use renewable HVO instead of fossil fuels you can minimize the impact of your project on the environment.

Bredenoord can set up a variety of custom hybrid energy solutions using the Clear Concept product line. In situations with a relatively low power demand, such as powering CCTV and lighting, the Mini-SunBox and a battery usually suffice. During the day the Mini-SunBox converts sunlight to energy, which is then stored in the battery for later use. For extra power certainty this installation can be backed up to a regular genset. In this case the ESaver can save up to 70% in fuel by allowing the genset to charge the batteries every once in a while. That way the genset doesn’t have to run for low power demand, which makes the whole process more efficient and sustainable.

Hybrid installations can bring about a significant reduction in fossil fuels and environmental impact in situations with a large power demand as well. When the Mobile Solar Plant is combined with a regular genset on renewable HVO and a battery the emission can be reduced by up to 95%. The same applies to noise pollution, since the installation runs extremely quietly. Hybrid installations are therefore well-suited to projects subject to strict regulations, such as construction projects inside low emission zones or on locations with lots of surrounding residents.

Would you like to learn more about hybrid gensets? Feel free to contact our experts. We gladly help you find a tailored energy solution.

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