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Power management

Bredenoord’s power management is the solution for all types of users who experience a slow or phased difference in the demand for power. With power management, you have a reliable power supply where one or more generators can be switched on or off automatically in direct response to the demand for power at that moment, maximising efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. Bredenoord’s power management is suitable for events, building sites, production plants, public utilities and more. 

Powermanagement En

Power management offers you:

  • Reliable power
  • Fuel savings, therefore reduced emissions and costs

Switching the generators smartly enables the engines to operate within their optimum working range. This increases the efficiency of the total set-up of your temporary power supply. Bredenoord provides exactly the right type and number of generators with  settings for a reliable and ef cient power management set-up for every situation. The system can be monitored remotely by our experts and is available from 35 kVA with the possibility of expansion to several dozen MVA.

Powermanagement Grafiek En

Fuel savings
A diesel engine has the highest level of efficiency and therefore the lowest relative fuel consumption at a load of approximately 80%. If the demand for power exceeds 80%, the next generator starts up. The intelligent control provided by Bredenoord’s Power management automatically searches for the most ef cient distribution per generator. This ultimately results in fuel savings which can amount to several dozen per cent.

Optimum reserve capacity
If several units are linked to power management, you can choose to have a specific reserve in the system. This means that the optimum number of generators will operate in each situation and a generator can always cut out without any power outage occurring.

Reduction in operating hours means cost savings
The use of several smaller generators rather than one high-powered generator will likewise result in cost savings. The rental cost is indeed determined by the number of operating hours. An operating hour for a large generator costs more than one for a smaller generator. 

Powermanagement Voorbeelden

Would you like to find out more about Bredenoord’s power management or would you like a proposal for your situation? If so, please contact our Rental department in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. 

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