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Clear Concept

Bredenoord offers its customers the choice; for example a choice for reliable energy with less emission. This is why Bredenoord, as the first player in the market, offers a new concept starting April 2010: generators that have been equipped with the Clear Air self‐cleaning soot filter and that run on synthetic GTL diesel. The usual reliable energy, but with less emission!

What is Clear Air?
The Clear Air is a self‐cleaning soot filter, developed and patented by Bredenoord. The filter reduces the soot emission by a staggering 99.9 %, is user‐friendly and has become a low‐maintenance product (TUV 2009).

What is GTL diesel?
GTL diesel stands for Gas To Liquid diesel oil. It is a synthetic diesel fuel that is produced from syngas by means of the Fischer Tropsch synthesis process . For example, syngas (CO and H2) could be produced from natural gas. Characteristically, GTL diesel is a very pure form of diesel. The GTL diesel, used by Bredenoord in its generators, is produced from the so‐called flare gas. This is gas, given off during the recovery of oil, and until recently had usually been disposed of by combustion in the open. In addition it may also be produced from biomass in the future, it will then be called BTL. The use of BTL fuel is climate sustainable because during its combustion the amount of carbon emission equals the amount of carbon that is produced during the growing of biomasses such as trees and crops.

GTL diesel oil is generally considered to be an important step in the sustainability process of fuel, in particular for mobile applications and complies with the Bredenoord vision of energy. The figure below represents the development of fuels.

Clear Conept Steps

Advantages of GTL diesel:

  • GTL diesel contains no sulphur and sulphur‐containing compounds
  • No smell of diesel
  • No aromatics
  • Less emission of dangerous substances
  • The fuel is biologically degradable
  • Could be produced from different sources: flare gas, natural gas, biomass.

For more information or if you are interested in this solution, please contact, free of engagement, our Rental department in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

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