Flexible storage and purchase of power is now possible at virtually any location thanks to Bredenoord's energy storage systems. Charging from the main grid, from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power or from a generator, and purchasing and using it when and where you need it. Quiet and emission-free. Bredenoord's energy storage modules are easy to move and can be used for a variety of applications. In the five years that the ESaver for small capacities has been operational, for example, it has already helped customers save upwards of half a million litres of diesel, leading to significant cuts in costs and CO2 emissions!

At the Energy Storage Fair, you were able to attend the first presentation of the groundbreaking battery and storage system, the Big Battery Box. Bredenoord has been investing in mobile energy storage and hybrid systems for many years. Flexibilisation of power in combination with the main grid, generation of renewable energy from solar and wind power, and reliable power supply when desired. This has increased the capacity class of Bredenoord's storage products from 3 kWh to several MWhs! In May 2018, the Big Battery Box will be officially launched, with pilots running in practical situations in various markets. Would you like to stay informed? Sign up for our email alerts.

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Zef Jansen
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