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MD water power unit

The Bredenoord MD Water Power Unit produces purified water and reliable power. The system is offered in a compact container unit that can be deployed modularly and flexibly for both temporary as well as more permanent solutions.

Unique is its optimal energy effciency since the waste heat of the generator set is used to purify the water in the membrane distillation unit. This reduces the consumption of fuel per litre purified water to a minimum. This combination provides you up to 300 kVA power in combination with 1000 l/hr puri ed water and saves you fuel. Bredenoord, focussing on power solutions, has developed this unit together with its partner Aquaver, that is active in the production of membrane distillation systems.

Water Power Unit

The MD water power unit offers you:

  • Modular container with compact power and water supply
  • Energy efficient water production proces saving fuel and emissions
  • Can be applied flexibly on various water sources
  • Both brine and distillate are disinfected
  • Low pressure system (max 1 bar)

The Bredenoord MD Water Power unit can be deployed in remote areas where infrastructure is not available and fuel is relatively scarce or expensive. The unit can also be deployed flexibly for different water sources such as bore-hole water, river- and seawater.

Water Power Unit Voorbeelden

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