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Charging an electric car anywhere and anytime, even during projects on locations without grid access. Renting a mobile charging point allows you to do so. This electric charging point can charge two cars simultaneously, ensuring that your visitors and employees never lose mobility. The charging point is easily set up and can be quickly transported to other locations. The charging point can be used in combination with the grid, a battery system or a genset running on HVO biofuel, all available in various sustainable configurations. This solution is ideal for locations such as construction sites, infrastructure projects and events.

Simple installation
The mobile charging point is plug & play without a billing system for its users, making it very user-friendly! The charging point is equipped with two seven-pin type 2 connections (MENNEKES plug), which is the European standard for charging points and European car manufacturers. Naturally Japanese and American electric cars with a 5-pin type 1 plug (YAZAKI plug) can also use the charging point if the user provides an adapter.

Multiple setups
The electric charging point can easily be configured into different setups:

  • In combination with the grid, for example at an office or a crew wagon with a permanent connection.
  • In combination with energy storage, for example when you use a Battery Box for your project. You can even connect solar panels (from the location itself or our Mini-SunBox) to your Battery Box and thus charge your electric car fully sustainably. Read more about hybrid solutions here.
  • In combination with a genset that runs exclusively on HVO biofuel. This could be a genset you’re using for your project or a genset used solely for the charging point.

Other specifications

  • 32A power supply
  • Two type 2 connections
  • 10 meter power cable 32A
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 1,300 x 800 x 2,700 mm
  • Load balancing standard (correct power distribution between the sockets)
  • If desired: personalized display with your logo

Mobile charging points for Boskalis’ crew wagons For construction alongside the Waal (a river in the Netherlands) Boskalis opted for renting the mobile charging point. Read the full case here.

Would you like to know how a charging point ensures the mobility of your employees and visitors? Please contact Niels Sprenger for a custom advice.

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