Green Power Plan reduces CO₂ by up to 95%

Limiting CO₂ emissions is a strict requirement for more and more activities. Using Bredenoord’s Green Power Plan offers a large contribution to this by reducing CO₂ emissions by up to 95%. Using renewable diesel (HVO) is part of the Green Power Plan. Bredenoord does this in collaboration with GoodFuels, supplier of biofuels that are guaranteed to be based on organic waste.

The Green Power Plan consists of three components:

  • Step 1: Bredenoord assists the client in estimating the power consumption of this particular situation.
  • Step 2: Bredenoord recommends the most suitable and reliable power system. This advice takes fuel saving combinations into consideration, such as using the hybrid ESaver or Powermanagement. This allows a fuel reduction of up to 70% without compromising the power output.
  • Step 3: Bredenoord delivers the systems and the renewable diesel from GoodFuels. The client can use the Green Power Plan at practically any location.

The combination of renewable diesel and the reduction in fuel use allows for a total CO₂ emission reduction of up to 95%.

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The renewable diesel from GoodFuels is a hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) made of organic waste such as used frying oil. This is also known as a second generation biofuel. The CO₂ the plants absorbed from the atmosphere during their growth compensates for the CO₂ released during combustion. If we include transport and the chemical conversion to biodiesel we can, according to GoodFuels, reduce the total CO₂ emissions from source to generator by 85% in comparison to working with fossil fuels. In addition, due to the cleaner combustion inside the machines, the NOx emissions are lower too.

Tested for reliability

Not all biofuels can be directly used in generators, as some fuels can cause the machines to get stuck. Bredenoord has tested various biofuels with its gensets. The renewable diesel from GoodFuels is 100% guaranteed to provide reliable green energy. Bredenoord offers the complete combination in the Green Power Plan: gensets with filled tanks, so that the client is assured of green power certainty.


Would you like to learn more about using the Green Power Plan? Our experts will gladly answer your questions!

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