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The Battery Box offers you flexibility in energy consumption, even if you need a significant amount of power. The container with lithium ion batteries can store up to 600 kWh of energy from solar and wind power, the main grid and generators.The patented system is designed to be safe and easy to transport,making it extremely suitable for temporary applications.You can use the energy wherever and whenever you want; it is fast, quiet and emission-free. In locations without hookups, or in addition to the main grid capacity or other sources. The Battery Box helps reduce the use of fossil fuels for existing machines and increase their efficiency.

Due to its unique properties and variable connectivity, the Battery Box can be used directly for a wide range of applications.

  • Peak shaving / absorbing high or low energy demand
    For example at fast charging stations for electric vehicles, on construction sites or during events.
  • Storage of renewable energy at changeable locations
    The patented transport technology makes the Battery Box easy to move between different projects. The Battery Box can also serve as a bridge during the installation of a grid connection.
  • Part of a smart grid
    The Battery Box can then be used to supply emergency power, store generated energy and thus provide optimum power security.
  • Local energy generation
    The Battery Box can store surplus solar energy at larger local solar parks. It can also temporarily take over the energy supply, for example,
    during transformer maintenance.
  • Takeover
    A combination of two Battery Boxes has exactly the right volume for the average power takeover requirement of a grid operator.
  • Frequency Containment Reserve (R1)
    Contributing to grid stability by supplying or consuming power.
  • Energy trading (R2)
  • Emergency power pool (R3)

Added value of the Battery Box:

  • Charges and discharges within an hour
  • Plug & play: easy to connect and operate
  • Easy and safe to transport
  • Less fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions
  • Can be connected for higher MW output
  • Proven technology developed by Bredenoord
  • Indispensable technology in energy transition
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