Bredenoord Battery Box 600
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  • Plug & play
  • Robust & reliable
  • No emission (emission free energy source)
  • Reduced emission (hybrid solution)
  • Monitoring
  • Reduced fuel costs
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The Battery Box offers you flexibility in energy consumption, even if you need a significant amount of power. The 20ft container with lithium-ion batteries can store up to 665 kWh of energy from solar panels, windmills, the grid and a genset. You can use this energy wherever and whenever you want, including temporary projects. Fast, quiet and without emission. For example, on locations where you (temporarily) do not have sufficient grid capacity or where storage capacity is required. The Battery Box 600 allows you to reduce the use of fossil fuels and work more economically with your existing machines.

The patented system is designed to be safe and easy to transport, making it extremely suitable for temporary projects. Battery Boxes can be connected to form a system of multiple MWs. This solution is ideal for locations with (temporary) insufficient grid access, where storage capacity is required, where extremely high peaks in power demand may occur, or where sustainable power without noise pollution or CO2 emission is a requirement.

More sustainable and flexible
The battery can be used standalone or as part of a hybrid setup. This allows us to set up a power installation that perfectly suits your power demand, meeting all the specific conditions of your project. This is more sustainable than a traditional installation based solely on the peak demand. And just as reliable! There are many possible combinations:

  • With a genset; to handle peak demand, use a genset more sustainably, and guarantee a continuous power supply on locations without a grid connection to charge the battery with.
  • With the grid; to increase peak capacity when using a small grid connection
  • With solar panels; storing solar energy during the day for later use or to deliver it to the grid (congestion management).

In addition, any combination of these elements is possible, which means you can connect your own solar panels, grid connection or gensets to a Bredenoord battery. Bredenoord’s experts will gladly help you find the most efficient solution and set up these hybrid systems on site. If necessary we will take measurements on location in advance to determine which capacity you need.

The Battery Box in practice:

  • Peakshaving/handling erratic power demand or brief periods of high demand For example at fast charging stations for electrical vehicles, on construction sites or at events.
  • Storing sustainable energy on varying locations The Battery Box can easily be moved between different projects. The system can also be used to bridge during the (delayed) installation of a grid connection.
  • As part of a smart grid In which the Battery Box can deliver backup power, store generated energy and thus offer optimal power certainty.
  • Local energy generation The Battery Box can store a surplus of solar energy for large local solar parks. It can also temporarily take over the power supply, for example during transformator maintenance.
  • Grid takeover A combination of two Battery Boxes always has precisely the right volume for the average grid takeover by a network operator.
  • Frequency Containment Reserve (R1) Contributing to grid stability by delivering or taking power.
  • Energy trading (R2)
  • Emergency power pool (R3)