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Unique mobile power solution for Maats Pipeline Equipment

In collaboration with the customer we have continuously worked at the further optimization of the initial design. With each new piece of equipment Maats benefits from the latest technological insights.

Maats Pipeline Equipment provides pipe-laying machinery and welding tractors that are used for the laying of pipelines. One of the vehicles is the SR714 Welding Tractor, a caterpillar vehicle equipped with multiple welding machines. With this tractor the pipeline parts can be welded together on-site. Of course the welding machines need power, and Maats wanted to integrate this need in the process as efficiently as possible.

Request from the customer
Together Maats Pipeline Equipment and Bredenoord started their search for the best way to provide the welding inverters with mobile power. The Welding Tractor is hydraulically driven. Also the generator uses that hydraulic , and converts this into power for the welding inverters. The generator had to be placed within the machine developed by Maats.

The Bredenoord engineers together with the Maats technicians manufactured a first prototype, that based on hydraulic drive produces a power of 140 kVA for 2-6 (two to six) welding inverters. Bredenoord developed a special frame that fits under the cover, including wall sockets and a tailor-made operating panel. "By now, based on the first prototype we have delivered approximately 250 units, in other words a series-produced tailor-made production," says account manager Cor Bouma. "With every order of a new series we looked at what we could improve. For example initially the generator itself was placed in a casing, and by now this has been replaced by a casing for both generator and welding machines together. Because of the long-term relationship with Maats and the high-level technical consultation that we have, they are permanently assured of a state-of-the-art solution."

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