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Silent generator strengthens sustainability concept for soil retaining

It is our mission to work as silently and cleanly as possible with smart techniques. Based on this identical vision on energy, Bredenoord offers generators and accessories that make this even easier.

Djordy van den Eijnde, Bodembouw

To create underground walls, for example for sewage water disposal, underground car parks, tunnels, underpasses etc., vibration-free and silently. This is the essence of the activities of Bodembouw. For this purpose the young company uses the special technique called ‘Cutter Soil Mixing’, which mixes the available soil of the construction site with liquid concrete mix and as such is used as a component of the soil retaining wall to be constructed. As Bodembouw often are the first on the construction site, permanent power often is not available yet and mobile power is indispensable.

Request from the customer
In order to avoid flooding in the town of Maastricht an underground sewage water disposal has been constructed for the collection of rainwater. The site is right in the middle of a residential area, which made vibration-free construction and the avoidance of noise pollution essential. This is included in the Bodembouw mode of operation, but the mixing station and the silo operate via generator. This is why Bodembouw asked Bredenoord for a super-silent and clean generator. “Otherwise the innovative noiseless technique to prevent inconvenience would be in vain,” says Djordy van den Eijnde of Bodembouw. The company is able to work this silently because they do not have to vibrate or to pile for the walls. “Our special Cutter cuts through the soil and mixes it with a liquid concrete mix. In this way a column is mixed of 2,4 metres and a diameter of 55 cm. After the milling head has reappeared from the mixed column, the column can be reinforced with steel reinforcement beams.” Furthermore Bodembouw also works with a specialistic machine by Bauer. Thanks to a smart innovation the engine noise is emitted straight upwards instead of at ear height. As a result it also does not reverberate from the surrounding buildings. “Therefore we create much less inconvenience for the environment. In this way we are able to work late more often and the building surveyors receive demonstrably less complaints from the neighbourhood, which saves them a lot of time. The silent Bredenoord generator also contributes herein.”

Strengthen each other in sustainability
In Maastricht Bredenoord provided a 100kVA super-silent generator with soot filter. Van den Eijnde: “Our mode of construction is very sustainable. As we use the available soil on-site as a component for our wall, less soil has to be transported. This results in savings on soil transport compared to for example steel sheet piling, it reduces inconvenience and CO2-emission. Within this entire concept we also think that all accessories should be efficient and clean. Bredenoord has an identical vision on sustainability and smart solutions in that area which we like to deploy.”

Anticipating unexpected developments
Bodembouw adapts the cement mix and mixing method per location, per soil type. In Maastricht this resulted in special challenges, because of its heavy foundation consisting of gravel, marl and even flint. “We were prepared, but when we were confronted with a boulder with diameter of 2 metres and 4 tons in weight, we were somewhat surprised. Such a boulder cannot be processed just like that. Luckily we managed to surface it and now the boulder will go to the municipality of Maastricht to receive a prominent location at the future Saint Peter square. Anticipating unexpected developments is part of our product. This is also a reason why we choose for Bredenoord generators: they know how important it is that a generator is available on time and always works. The 24/7 service prevents the work from being suspended for a day.”

Wim Lucas

Wim Lucas
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