CHARGE 22 Vrijstaand Schaduw
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  • Charging at any location of your choice
  • Easy to move
  • Exclusively on HVO biofuel
  • Ideal for e.g. construction sites, infra projects and events
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Type II-connections for simultaneous charging

The charging point is equipped with two type II-connections for simultaneous charging. Through load balancing the power is optimally divided between both sockets. Per your request the charging point can be personalized with your own logo. The mobile charging point is plug & play without a billing system for the users.

The charging point is easy to relocate and thereby ideal for allowing visitors and staff on construction sites, infrastructure projects and events to power their electric or hybrid car.

Different configurations

The electric charging point can easily be configured into different setups:

  • In combination with the grid, such as near an office or construction trailer with a permanent connection.
  • In combination with energy storage, for example when using the Battery Box in your project. You can even combine solar panels (your own or the Mini-SunBox) with the Battery Box and use this to charge your electric car fully sustainably. You can read more about hybrid solutions here.
  • In combination with a genset running exclusively on HVO biofuel. This can be a genset you use for the project itself, or a genset specifically for the charging point.