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Bredenoord Denox

Is your project subject to strict requirements regarding the NOx emission that you cannot comply to with your genset? Then perhaps it might be interesting to consider equipping your genset with a Denox installation. This Denox installation converts most of the NOx emission to water vapor and nitrogen, two components that do not negatively impact man or the environment. This installation can reduce the NOx emission of your genset by 85%.

Laws and regulations surrounding NOx

The exact requirements regarding NOx emission differ per location. Various factors influence these requirements, such as the concentration of livestock farms near your project or the presence of Natura 2000 areas. The limits regarding NOx emission are officially calculated in mole per hectare per year. However, in practice the emission tends to be calculated in kilograms per kWh. The exact amount of NOx emission allowed on your project location can be calculated through the Aerius calculator. These results can be used while applying for your projects's permit.

Characteristics of the Denox installation:

  • Reduces NOx emission down to approximately 0.4 kg/kWh in a Stage 3A engine.
  • Can be installed on any genset.
  • Allows you to work in areas with strict requirements regarding NOx emission.
  • Converts NOx to water vapor and nitrogen.

By adding a Denox installation to your genset you can significantly the reduce NOx emission of your genset and therefore continue to pursue your project.

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