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Peak-shaving in Benin

With two smart installations that support the local electricity grid the citizens now have the permanent certainty of power.

Gert-Jan Elfrink, Bredenoord

Since the summer of 2014 there are power plants in two cities in Benin (Western Africa), Cotonou and Parakou, to support the local electricity grid. The available energy in Benin fluctuates strongly. The power plants provide additional power when the capacity of the local grid is low and thus they level the power demand (peak shaving).

Request from the customer

Our customer, MR International wanted to support the local energy grid by offering additional energy at peak moments. In this way the citizens are permanently ensured of power. In the past, often for a period of six hours, the available capacity was too low for the demand. Here the transfer of knowledge plays an important role. The construction had to take place by local employees, who also should be able to maintain the installation.

The solution
In July 2014 two power plants were built; an installation of 20MW in Cotonou and 10 MW in Parakou. Bredenoord prepared the installation from the Netherlands and took care of the project management. Also thanks to the good collaboration with the local employees the power plants were operational well in advance of the deadline. After having been officially inspected by the president of Benin they were put into operation. During the first year Bredenoord employees on-site saw to it that the sites remained operational. In the meantime they instructed local personnel to be able to maintain the installation afterwards.

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