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ESaver popular with Dura Vermeer

The ESaver allows for a win-win-situation: less co2-emission, less costs and less inconvenience for the local environment.

Jasper Fontaine, Dura Vermeer

In the autumn of 2013 Bredenoord, together with Dura Vermeer, launched the hybrid generator the ESaver.This arose from the wish to save on the use of generators. They always ran at peak power while for the biggest part of the day only a small amount of power is needed. Since that time the Dutch  construction and infrastructure company weekly deploys different ESavers for new projects. 

Request from the customer
Dura Vermeer wanted to save on energy consumption. Also sustainability score and CO2-emission count heavily, so the use of an ESaver is an added value for the customer. For each assignment Jasper Fontaine, material planner at Dura Vermeer, considers whether the ESaver is an option. 

The solution
Dura Vermeer uses ESavers in situations in which there is a day and night necessity for a small amount of energy, e.g. in case of camera surveillance at night, and during the daytime as power supply for the management hut. The ESaver saves up to 70% in fuel and emission (dependent on the consumption profile) compared to conventional generators.Due to the fact that the ESaver does not have to be operational for 24 hours per day, it also produces less (noise) inconvenience.

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