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Bredenoord powers container ballet

After many hours of setting up and after several rehearsals the terminal was officially opened by King Willem Alexander at half past three in the afternoon. Sixteen dancing containers, that is not something you often see. It was the spectacular opening of the new APM container terminal at the Tweede Maasvlakte near the port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) on 24 April 2015. 

Request from the customer
The terminal is the most advanced in the world, fully automated with remote controlled quay cranes. King Willem Alexander performed the opening ceremony and of course APM gave everything it got. Event producer Bind came up with a choreography for containers, in which large LED-screens on the sides of the containers conveyed a spectacular message. Bind asked Bredenoord to provide the screens with power, a real technological challenge.

The solution
Bredenoord’s Solution Centre used two synchronously operating 35kVA generators in each container with power management. Engineer Joost Pol: " The transhipment site had, due to safety aspects, only limited access and so we had to operate and monitor the generators remotely." Finally, after many hours of setting up and several rehearsals the big moment was there at three thirty in the afternoon. “Of course there were many nervous and strained people in the direction room, also from our side. However, the 12-minute show went flawlessly, with many happy faces as a result! At night we repeated the entire show for all APM Terminals employees. A special and very successful project!”

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