Status determination and advice

Bredenoord Card Service Statusbepaling

In order to come to the correct maintenance strategy a status determination is very important. Therefore we would like to do an extensive testing of your emergency power system, so afterwards we can draw up an efficient maintenance strategy together with you.

  • Status determination and/or determining condition score in compliance with NEN2767
    • Visual inspection
    • Endoscopy
    • Thermography
    • Determining insulation resistance generator (meggering)
    • Loaded test-run using mobile load resistance (load bank)
  • Performing extensive functional testing
  • Advice based on your specific circumstances and based on your company strategy.
    • When does your current machinery need to be replaced?
    • Which hybrid combinations can be realized; for example the use of existing generators in combination with a Powerpack?
    • Which storage-facilities do you need for the future?

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