Additional services

Bredenoord Card Loadbank

If necessary, next to the standard components to be expected in a good Service agreement, we offer more. Because of our high-tech solutions and additional professional services we can offer you exactly that Service that your emergency power installation needs.

  • Loaded test run using mobile Loaded test-run using mobile load resistance (load bank)
  • Fuel supply in case of emergency
  • Surveillance and remote control/online monitoring and control
  • Fluids’ analysis (Lubricants/coolants/fuels)
  • Fuel service, preventive replacement based on fuel ageing or analysis result
  • Thermographic analysis
  • Endoscopic analysis
  • SCIOS certification for the Dutch market:
    o Scope 4 Internal combustion engines and turbines
    o Scope 6 Emission measurements
    o Scope 7 Fuel lines

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