Bredenoord introduces the SunBox: Do it yourself solar power plant!

The Bredenoord SunBox has been developed based on experiences during previous projects in Eastern and Western Africa

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With the Bredenoord SunBox it is now possible to have a fully operating power plant in remote or dangerous areas within a day. The SunBox is a 20 feet container containing up to 72 solar panels and all equipment necessary for complete construction and instant use. The installation is robust, easily transportable and reliable. It is ideal for multiple applications in the field of humanitarian aid. On the 28th of April the SunBox will be officially launched during the King’s Day celebration at the Dutch embassy in Nairobi.

The SunBox is a modular system, easily customized for any situation. The SunBox consists of 36-72 solar panels, pre-assembled for East-West use, which guarantees optimal efficiency around the equator. To insure power when solar generation is insufficient the SunBox can be equipped with an additional battery pack and/or a generator. The installation is available varying from 10 and 20 kWP solar energy and with 15 to 50 kVA backup generator. The SunBox provides sufficient energy for companies, hospitals or residential areas.

The SunBox is a standard ISO CSC certified 20 ft container, suitable for worldwide transportation. The installation can be shipped to the world’s most remote locations without any additional costs and procedures. Thanks to an aluminium mounting frame the container remains light and resistant to corrosion. The power plant fully consists of prefab and plug & play components ensuring that the SunBox can be set-up as an operational power supply within one day. The SunBox includes an instructional video that visually explains every step of the construction, maintenance and use to insure that anyone can build, move and use the SunBox in a safe and efficient way.

The Bredenoord SunBox has been developed based on experiences during previous projects in Eastern and Western Africa. Franz Hullegie, manager export development at Bredenoord explains: “For example NGO’s and the Ministry of Defence have a need for sustainable mobile energy installations with a 100% operational security. However, projects are often temporary and in dangerous areas. Therefore it is important that such power plants can be moved easily. The SunBox makes this possible without the need of specially trained personnel or complicated transportation constructions. The system is elegant and simple, as a matter of fact there are only three types of bolts and nuts necessary for the entire installation. In combination with the generation of solar energy this results in a very cost-efficient and sustainable solution for remote locations.” Special attention has also been paid to long-term maintenance. The SunBox is a smart combination of components that worldwide have already been in use for years. This is an extra guarantee for operational safety, and if a component breaks down, spare parts can often be bought and replaced locally.

For more information on the Bredenoord SunBox please contact Franz Hullegie or Zef Jansen.

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