Green festival power by means of unique combination of solar energy and sustainable fuel

At the Noorderslag festival of music in Groningen (the Netherlands) Bredenoord presents a ‘low carbon power solution’ for the event industry focussed on sustainability. Apeldoorn/Groningen, 14 January 2016 – At the Noorderslag festival of music in Groningen (the Netherlands) Bredenoord presents a ‘low carbon power solution’ for the event industry focussed on sustainability. For this purpose Bredenoord has developed the Mobile Solar Plant. Because of the unique combination of elements this pilot saves up to as much as 95% on CO2-emission and could be a valuable means for event organizers to meet the requirements of environmental and corporate social responsibility. In order to achieve optimal CO2 – reduction Bredenoord collaborates with the supplier of sustainable fuels GoodFuels.

The Mobile Solar Plant is a 20ft-container from which a 150m2 field of solar panels unfolds, and containing a Bredenoord Smart Powerbank (ESaver technology) and a generator. The Mobile Solar Plant arrives at the location in its folded condition and with the use of the patented unfolding technique developed by Bredenoord it can become operational within one hour. From the solar panels (23 kWp) the power is conducted to the batteries in the Smart Powerbank and from there delivered to the end-user. If the batteries threaten to run flat and if there is not enough sun to refill them, then the generator (28 kW) kicks in and continues running on biofuel. In total the Mobile Solar Plant provides 58 kWp, which, for example, suffices to provide a festival food-court with power.

Substantial reduction of emission 
Margien Storm van Leeuwen, Manager New Business van Bredenoord: "The installation makes full use of the sun, however today the 100% operational certainty and long-lasting autonomy that are essential for events, are only achieved in combination with a generator. Deployment of sustainable fuel not only further reduces the CO2-footprint, but also improves the local air quality. From raw material up to and including events we can reduce the CO2-footprint by 85%. By means of the combination of the Mobile Solar Plant and sustainable fuels the CO2 can be reduced by 95% and thus we deliver not only green but also silent event power. The popularity of our other efficient power solutions such as the ESaver and Power Management proves there is a demand for it.”

Responsible biofuel 
The biofuel used is a second generation hydrogenated biofuel (HVO). This very high quality fuel is made from waste and residual flows and therefore extremely sustainable. It complies with the most stringent sustainability standards and for example does not compete with the food supply and does not result in further erosion of the biodiversity. Also qualitatively the GoodFuels fuel came out as number one from a series of tests performed by Bredenoord last autumn. This fuel is immediately usable in all Bredenoord generators. Jeroen van Heiningen, general manager of GoodFuels Road & Rail: “we are very happy with the partnership with market leader Bredenoord to present this unique proposition with which true sustainability for events will become available for everyone.”

Please contact Margien Storm van Leeuwen for more information about the Mobile Solar Plant. 

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