From 13 to 15 March, Bredenoord will be present at the Energy Storage Fair in Düsseldorf, where experts in energy storage will meet. Visitors to the fair will receive a sneak preview of Bredenoord's latest product: the Big Battery Box, a leading step in the development of mobile energy storage for larger capacities. After the ESaver and the Smart Power Bank, Bredenoord now introduces a switchable, movable container with 600 kWh output for multiple applications.

The Big Battery Box will be officially launched in 2018. The system is easy to handle  and transport and can therefore be used quickly, flexibly and at various, remote locations. Such capability is not currently available on the market today. The Big Battery Box can charge and discharge in one hour and supplies power without any noise or harmful emissions. The basic structure makes it suitable for use in a variety of applications and configurations. Visit us at the Energy Storage Fair and learn more about the Big Battery Box, the ESaver and our Smart Power Bank.

Proven technology
Hybrid solutions using energy storage are part of Bredenoord's Clear Concept sustainability strategy. Around eight years ago, the Apeldoorn-based company decided to conduct a study to determine whether solar power could replace diesel in generators. This led in 2012 to the hybrid ESaver: a battery connected to a regular 15, 35 or 50 kVA generator. New Business Manager Margien Storm van Leeuwen notes: “Once we had developed the hybrid combination of solar, battery and generator, the battery also appeared to be making the generators enormously sustainable even without solar power. This allows us to work towards a cleaner future but also to extend the life of current technology in a responsible and efficient manner." A solution, which in practice, has resulted in 95% fuel savings. All ESavers are logged using an online system for monitoring data, which show that, collectively, the customers have been able to reduce their diesel consumption by half a million litres, and thus cut their CO2 emissions by 2 million kilograms, in five years. An average reduction of 70%. 

Further development
In 2016, the data and practical experiences with the ESaver led to the 58 kWh Smart Power Bank. The added value of this product is that, in addition to diesel generators, it can also be connected to the main grid and renewable sources, such as solar and wind. For example, there are various locations in Africa where the Smart Power Bank is already being used in combination with an off-grid solar plant. It is also used on construction sites in the same way as the ESaver, in a smart grid or in combination with previously installed solar panels such as on the sustainable construction site. "We are convinced that energy flexibilisation, storage and emittance technology are essential during and subsequent to the energy transition," says Storm van Leeuwen. “So, after the ESaver and the Smart Power Bank, it was only logical for us to take the next step to larger capacities of up to and including 1250 kWh. As always developed with partners, in this case QINOUS. This summer, the Big Battery Boxes will be tested and installed for various customers for effective alignment with the practical situation in different applications and markets. Mobile energy storage is the innovative power solution of today; it combines economic efficiency with sustainability and corporate social responsibility.”

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