From Olympic Games and UEFA-cup to neighbourhood party

By being the first manufacturer within the branch of mobile power supply to bring a hybrid solution on the market, Bredenoord once again shows to be market-leader in the field of innovations.

An interview with Margien Storm van Leeuwen in Events, manager new business marketing and communication at Bredenoord.

It deserves a compliment when you are successful in your achievements, and still never feel too important for smaller projects. That is typical for Bredenoord. On the one hand they indeed provide mobile power to world-wide events such as the Olympic Games and the UEFA-cup, but on the other hand they definitely do not feel too important to also keep an eye on the neighbourhood party just around the corner of your street.

Power solutions
Margien Storm van Leeuwen: “We see to every type of energy demand with our self-developed generators and power solutions. The generators have capacities varying from 15 kVA to 2000 kVA and they can be upgraded to power plants of 60MW. We do this with a fleet of more than 2000 different generators and hybrid generators such as the ESaver, complemented with the expertise of engineers and service mechanics and our own delivery service. In this way we face every challenge in the field of fast and flexible delivery of reliable temporary energy supply, every day and all over the world.”

“When developing Bredenoord generators and in our solutions for our customers we continuously focus on the optimization of the efficiency; we want to be as efficient as possible with fuel and we continuously work on several saving programs. In addition we offer different sustainable solutions with which our customers, if so desired, may work CO2 neutral or for example circularly. Number one priority for us is safeguarding the reliability of the solution. Because power security may never be endangered. All advantages of energy saving will be lost if the power supply for the customer is endangered.”

In this context Bredenoord deploys new concepts such as ‘Energy Consultancy’. An efficient energy consumption is an interaction of elements, such as efficient machinery, a well thought-out energy plan and monitoring and a good contact with the customer to obtain insight in the activities behind the power demand. “Monitoring provides immediate insight in the peak and off-peak hours in the customers’ demand. This is what we use our systems for and we evaluate which set-up would be most effective.

Sometimes it is a combination with solar panels or for example a hybrid solution with batteries such as with the ESaver. Often, after the first year of an event, Energy Consultancy results in savings for the customer due to a better matching of the energy plan with the actual need. By a reassessment in the second year and starting conversations with the customer regarding the measured power demand we see that certain peak consumption may be approached differently by the customer. This advice from our side could again result in savings for the customer with regard to the rental of machinery, fuel consumption and emission”, says Margien.

The Bredenoord development department is continuously looking for even more efficient and modern solutions, which not only result in a higher return for the customer but also comply with the actual environmental requirements. This resulted in the first hybrid system the ESaver, a battery system, and the Mobile Solar Plant, a large battery pack with a generator and 150 m2 of convertible solar panels.
Margien: “We measure that the ESaver reduces the fuel consumption with an average of 70%. The Mobile Solarplant offers an optimal power security via batteries that are charged by solar panels and by a generator. Consumption and emission are substantially lower and may result in a 95% reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emission.”

Green energy plan
Another novelty is a fuel based on biological waste flows, HVO or Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil. This renewable diesel, made from used frying fat, may be considered as circular and in the complete chain it saves up to 85% of CO2. Here the CO2 that is released, is compensated by the CO2 that the plant has absorbed from the atmosphere during its life.

We only deploy renewable diesel from GoodFuels that has a certified process, which assures us that only bio-based waste flows are used. Combining this fuel with our advice on the most efficient energy plan could result in an up to 95% reduction of CO2 when compared to earlier situations; we call this the green energy plan.

An important development towards the future.

Do you want to know more about energy solutions during events, please contact Niels Sprenger, Bredenoord Area Manager Events.

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