Bredenoord invests in new generation of generators

Apeldoorn - Customers can expect to find new generator models among the Bredenoord rental fleet this autumn. The generators meet the latest standards and have been updated inside and out. The international rental fleet will be updated over the coming years enabling Bredenoord to grow further as a temporary energy solution provider. 

As of 2017 Bredenoord has adopted a structure with three business units for its internal organisation. These are: Bredenoord Rental, Bredenoord Service and Sales and Business Unit Solutions. This new structure will enable Rental to focus effectively on fast and flexible delivery to all our customers in Europe. This has also involved putting extra time and effort into training our personnel to develop their know-how and expertise in a range of areas, with drivers, fitters and also our internal and external service being trained. We have also looked at ensuring we have a sufficient number of offices so that we are close to our customers and can respond to large and small power requirements instantly. The new generation rental fleet will form part of this. Jaap Fluit, CEO Bredenoord: ”Our aim is to be a world-leading developer and supplier of reliable decentralised power systems, to provide our customers with reliable energy.”

Everything you need for temporary power in house
The Bredenoord rental fleet, that currently encompasses 2500 machines, has been added  with many new products and services that contribute to the 'greening' of temporary energy. The ESaver, a hybrid battery system that Bredenoord launched on the market in 2012, allows an average 70% saving in fuel for the same power output. Another option is Powermanagement, where several generators are connected up, that can bring savings in terms of fuel and hire costs in the tens of percent. The Mobile Solar Plant is an example of where temporary power is generated using solar panels in combination with batteries and a generator. All systems are linked in relation to these products, and customers will be informed about savings they could make. Since 2016 Bredenoord has also been offering its customers the option to use non-fossil diesel fuel in the form of HVO (hydrogynated vegetable oil) made from an organic waste source.

New line of generators
As highlighted above, the ‘standard’ generators, based on combustion engine technology, will be deployed more and more efficiently. These generators have been developed by Bredenoord itself and are being built by Bredenoord in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) at this moment. The systems are based on modern, reliable motors that are now available on the market, that also have lower noise emissions. The design of the generator took account of ergonomic considerations, to enable people connecting or starting up the generator to hold a good posture while working. The new line of generators will be available in a range of power ratings.

Over the coming months the first generators to leave the factory will be used and tested by customers across a range of markets. Toon Bruining, Rental manager: ”Giving customers reliable energy is our goal. To achieve this we have put all our experience and efforts into designing a new generation of generators. The time is now here to hand over to our customers and to hear about their experiences using the new systems. This will enable us to keep on learning and develop further.” 

About Bredenoord
Bredenoord is a family-owned business based in Apeldoorn, with 80 years’ experience in the engineering, production, sale and rental of smart energy solutions. Nowadays, the company focuses on the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly power generators. Based on its Clear Concept philosophy, solutions are brought forward based on new fuels, new conversion technologies, increased efficiency and emissions reduction. In addition to the market in the Netherlands, Bredenoord operates in markets throughout Europe via offices in Germany, Denmark and Belgium. 

For more information about these new Gen-sets, please feel free to contact Raymond Pieterse. 

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