bauma 2022: Reliable Construction Power Solutions in Uncertain Times

Energy security is currently more important than ever. The industry is preparing for a possible energy shortage and savings measures with temporary emergency power solutions. Construction companies are concerned with the question of whether the existing power grid will one day reach its limits and whether bottlenecks must be expected even where a grid connection is available. This is particularly relevant for construction companies that use a lot of electrical machinery; a power failure here would jeopardise the completion date and, in the worst case, result in high contractual penalties. Bredenoord secures the power supply on construction sites with its mobile power solutions and also enables companies to achieve maximum fuel and emission savings with intelligent energy management systems. In this way, construction companies can keep their ecological footprint as small as possible.

Safe and reliable power supply on construction sites

Wherever there is no or insufficient grid connection for construction site operations, Bredenoord provides support with its mobile power solutions. With a pool of over 2,700 rental power generators in power classes from 15 to 2,000 kVA, Bredenoord is not only convincing in terms of availability. The generators are the result of intensive research and development work, which is geared precisely to the needs of the customers. This demand-orientation is also a reason for the range of powerful battery storage systems with capacities from 15 up to 600 kW - thus Bredenoord meets different project requirements. The units are ready for immediate use and easy to operate. During the course of the project, the capacities can be flexibly expanded and the units can be easily relocated if necessary. The comprehensive service is managed by an excellently trained and skilled team of experts and logistics experts who are available 24/7 and ensure smooth operation from consultation to delivery and collection by the company's own fleet of trucks.

Bredenoord Battery On Construction Site

A look into the future of mobile construction power at bauma: emission-free construction power

Many Bredenoord customers are already making use of the numerous possibilities for reducing emissions on construction sites: Soot particle filters, alternative fuels, solar modules, e-charging stations, battery storage systems and intelligent power management solutions that switch on and off depending on power requirements, thus saving fuel. Bredenoord will be showing a selection of these solutions at bauma. Bredenoord is also looking to the future and presenting a new hydrogen-powered generator. It is already in use in the Netherlands and the Bredenoord team is looking forward to exchanging experiences and talking to experts about the mobile energy supply of the future - in the outdoor area North at stand FN. 1109-3.

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