Clear PLM

The Clear PLM is a sustainable light tower that consumes 65% less fuel and is 13% more silent than its predecessor. This is achieved by a smart combination of technologies, new components and a new operating system. As a result of the low fuel consumption there is also a 67% less emission of CO2 and NOx.

The Clear PLM can be used separately, but also in combination with one or two Bredenoord stand-alone light towers (VLMs). In such a configuration the relative fuel saving per light tower is even higher. Ideal for use in the event industry and at construction sites, where the demand for products with an as low as possible fuel consumption and less emission of CO2 and NOx, is rapidly growing.


• Equal light yield
• Very high ease of use
• Connectable to two single light towers
• Lower fuel consumption!
• Lower emission, such as CO2 and NOx
• Noise level 3x lower, 10 dB(A) reduction

For more information please contact our rental department in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

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