Clear Air (self-cleaning soot filter)

Soot emissions are a common problem at events, construction projects and places like city centres and tunnels. Bredenoord is offering the Clear Air, a self-cleaning soot filter that can be used as an extra option with all standard diesel generators from Bredenoord. 

This self-cleaning soot filter ensures that soot particles are collectedand burnt. Research institute TUV Rheinland tested the filter and established that it reduces soot emissions by 99.9%. This was achieved with the generator at both low and full load. What’s more, this system keeps itself clean and requires minimum maintenance.

The top row filters shows the soot emission with normal generators; measured soot concentration 43,3 mg/m3. The bottom row filters shows the soot emission when using Bredenoord’s Clear Air; measured soot concentration of <0,01 mg/m3.
Measurements: TUV Rheinland. A and B with partial load and C with full load.