Your partner for complex technical energy requests

Solutions offers turn-key solutions for generation, storage and distribution of power and also has expertise with regard to the use of air and water in industrial processes, and climate control (cooling and heating).

Passion for technique. That is what the Bredenoord Solutions centre employees share with each other. The many years’ experience that the team acquired during their complex (emergency) power projects, is a direct advantage for you as a customer. As a result our experienced engineers, together with you, work at the best possible solutions. For example in combining different types of energies in a local smart grid, either or not linked to an existing installation or network.

Access to performance
Via remote monitoring Bredenoord Solutions offers its customers at any time access to the performance of the provided solution, and provides active feedback and advice for the optimization of the installation.

Risk management
The Solutions Centre engineers are trained for risk minimization and have several tools at their disposal to minimize potential risks. For example online monitoring which allows for timely adjustments and results in immediate benefits, both money and time-wise.

Complex (mobile) energy projects at international locations?
From financing to design to the operational and maintenance phase, our project managers supervise the entire process. The many years’ experience within Bredenoord Rental proves that we never turn down a logistic challenge. Read how installed twee power plants in Benin, Africa and how we remote manage them.

Less emission, fuel saving measures, combination of new and old technologies and/or storage of energy?
By now applying hybrid techniques in the field of mobile power has become a habit for Bredenoord. The introduction of the Off-grid Solar Based Powerplant is a good example hereof.

Gert Jan Elfrink

Gert-Jan Elfrink Operations Manager Solutions

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