Online monitoring

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Increasingly more mobile power installations can be read out and tuned remotely. E.g. the ESaver has its own portal to which you can log-in using your personal code. You will then get an immediate insight in the provided capacity and fuel consumption. The online monitoring systems also show how much fuel your installation saves compared to an average standard set, and how much CO2-emission you thus create.

We apply online monitoring e.g. at festivals and events. We use it to provide an up-to-date overview of the consumption and the delivered kWh. Afterwards, based on the provided power profile an advice is given, in which way the power plan can be optimized. Frequently an optimized power plan results in considerable savings, both in rental costs and in fuel costs.

Because of online monitoring our experts can watch along while the generators are running. In case of complex or critical set-ups this is an extra form of support.

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