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The Hydrogen Power is Bredenoord’s newest hydrogen innovation. This hydrogen genset contains fuel cell technology and a battery pack, which allows the genset to deliver stable and continuous power at any location. While developing the Hydrogen Power we dedicate ourselves to achieving the same stability and flexibility offered by a regular genset.

Hydrogen: part of a sustainable future

Hydrogen will make a major contribution to the transition towards a world in which we use more clean energy with lower emissions. Bredenoord has been aware of this since the launch of our first hydrogen genset in 2009. We are working continuously on developing new ways to incorporate hydrogen in our mobile power solutions.

Hydrogen’s sustainability through electrolysis

There is no CO₂ emission when using hydrogen through electrolysis. As such, the outcome of the process (water, warmth and electricity) is sustainable. However, the way the hydrogen itself has been produced is of importance too. For more information about hydrogen as an alternative fuel, please read this article.

The benefits of the Hydrogen Power, summarized:

  • Continuous power – By combining a battery pack and a fuel cell; stable and continuous power on location.
  • Clean and quiet – The only output on location is water and power. Ideal for projects in residential areas due to its lack of noise output.
  • Flexible – Standalone mobile solutions for every location. Can instantly make projects with a small power demand more sustainable.
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