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GoodFuels and Bredenoord’s biofuel is made of plant based residual waste, consisting primarily of frying oil and tall oil. As a result this is a sustainable and certified second generation biofuel. The use of biofuel contributes considerably to reducing CO₂ emissions. The CO₂ emitted during combustion has already been compensated for because of the CO₂ the plants have absorbed from the atmosphere during their growth. In combination with Bredenoord’s Green Power Plan this reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 85% throughout the chain, from cultivation to genset.

Using renewable diesel

With the Green Power Plan Bredenoord sets up the most sustainable energy solution for your specific circumstances.

  • You will receive a detailed estimate of the power demand and our advice regarding the most economical solution in advance.
  • Delivery of reliable power using gensets that are suitable for the use of HVO.
  • Delivery of certified second generation biofuel (HVO). Please note: the price fluctuates, always request a custom quote.
  • Bredenoord’s reliable, fast delivery service to any location.
  • Bredenoord arranges separate fuel flows and provides optimal genset maintenance and service.
  • HVO combusts cleaner, resulting in lower NOx emissions in addition to lower CO₂ emissions.
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