Perkins generators directly available from stock

Are you looking for a generator in the 2000-2500 kVA power range? You can buy a new or used Perkins generator from our stock and have it delivered worldwide. The gensets listed below can be delivered promptly.

Buy Perkins generator: Bredenoord helps you out

Power certainty is a primary need of every project. When this cannot (sufficiently) be achieved by the grid, you can buy a Perkins genset through Bredenoord, which will then support the grid or fully replace it in meeting your energy demand. If you often work on different locations and thereby do not always have full power security, our gensets will form the solution. The Perkins generators can also be used for backup power. For locations that require a constant power supply, such as data centers and hospitals, a sound backup power installation is essential. We can provide both the systems and the experts that can set up the installation on your location. Naturally you can also rely on us for the maintenance of your generators.

Wide range of used Perkins generators

Whether you are looking for a new or used generator, Bredenoord’s experts will gladly be of service. We can currently deliver Perkins generators from 2000 kVA to 2500 kVA directly from stock. Do you already have a genset but are you looking for spare parts? Here too we can be of service. Bredenoord possesses a large stock of both generators and parts. As such, parts of gensets that are no longer sold new can often still be bought from us. This allows you to continue using your current genset for a while longer. Our experts possess the technical knowledge and skills to provide you with a solution at very short notice.

Check our current Perkins generators from stock

Service and maintenance for your Perkins generator
Your new or used generator must naturally be maintained carefully. Bredenoord will gladly handle both maintenance and the mandatory inspections for you. With a service contract you are assured of thorough and timely inspections, as well as (temporary) solutions at very short notice during emergencies. Buying a Perkins generator from Bredenoord comes with the following benefits:

  • Fast delivery on location, worldwide
  • Large availability of spare parts, even for gensets that are no longer sold new
  • Innovative ways to increase efficiency and sustainability
  • Advise and support from our own experts at every step of the way, from purchase to maintenance
  • Power security through 24/7 service support

In short, are you looking for a 2000 kVA to 2500 kVA Perkins generator? Bredenoord can deliver directly from stock and assists you in finding the best solution for your situation. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for non-committal advise.

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