Significant reduction of nitrogen oxide and soot with Bredenoord’s Clean Engine Technology Stage V gensets

Reducing nitrogen oxide emission is currently one of the biggest challenges in many industries, including construction and infrastructure. In response to this challenge Bredenoord introduces the Clean Engine Technology gensets: Stage V machines that allow you to drastically reduce NOx (nitrogen oxides) and soot emissions in particular. From now on our rental fleet includes 250 kVA Stage V gensets. Next year this will be expanded with several other power ranges.

Very low soot and NOx emissions

Stage V gensets are especially interesting for construction projects and other work activities in nature reserves or inner cities due to their very low soot and NOx emissions. These machines are also highly suitable for industrial projects with insufficient grid access.

For our customers it is increasingly important to reduce emissions during their projects. With our new line of Stage V gensets we can supply them with energy that meets their own requirements and those concerning emission. We build these gensets ourselves at Bredenoord and have tested them thoroughly to ensure our clients get the reliable quality that they have come to expect from us.

Toon Bruining, Chief Commercial Officer Bredenoord

Hybrid setup for optimal reduction

In order to optimally reduce your NOx and soot emissions it is important to provide a sufficient engine load for the Clean Engine Technology gensets. This is why a combination with a Battery Box is sometimes advisable. In addition, you can choose to also further reduce CO₂ emissions by running the genset on HVO instead of regular diesel.

Our experts will gladly advise you about the optimal setup for your project. Feel free to contact us.

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