Significant expansion rental battery containers at Bredenoord

Bredenoord is expanding its rental fleet with extra Big Battery Boxes, adding up to 4.5 MWh battery capacity. The Apeldoorn company revealed this during the international Intersolar convention in Munich. The reveal of the extra capacity was accompanied by a second international GRIDSTOR-Certificate of Recommended Practice (DNV GL-RP-0043) by DNV GL.

Koen Broess, expert in the field of energy storage at DNV GL: "The GRIDSTOR recommended practice is a globally leading guideline for the safety, performance and functioning of grid connected energy storage. We see a growth in the development and implementation of large-scale energy storage systems, while there is no certification norm available yet. GRIDSTOR was developed in collaboration with the industry and offers a guideline for the quality and safety of these systems."

Expansion fleet battery systems for energy transition

The demand for energy storage systems is growing rapidly. With the expansion to 4.5 MWh Bredenoord can quickly anticipate to the demand of its clients and provide them with reliable, sustainable, temporary mobile energy, faster than ever before. Battery systems are crucial in this energy transition and Bredenoord responds to this by offering a hybrid version. This means they can be combined to the regular net, solar installations or to a genset on biodiesel. The genset will only run when the battery is empty or during peak demand. Due to the low operation time the gensets require less fuel and will last longer. Through this the Apeldoorn company allows both itself and clients to operate more sustainably. Another benefit is that the batteries deliver energy immediately. This way it combines perfectly to systems running on renewable fuels, such as hydrogen, so it can generate green energy.

With the bigger fleet Bredenoord can facilitate companies and organisations during upcoming applications such as FCR (Frequency Containment Reserve) and Peakshaving.


Margien Storm van Leeuwen, Manager New Business at Bredenoord: “The GRIDSTOR-conformity statements are valuable to Bredenoord, especially now that energy storage is becoming more widely applicable. It provides our clients with a sense of security over the applications and safety of the Big Battery Box. For license applications, for example, we can show this directly to the authorities involved.” Bredenoord continuously works on further innovation of energy storage products, in small capacity such as the ESaver and for large mobile containers and new technologies. “We particularly focus on smart, innovative hybrid combinations that provide our clients with reliable and sustainable energy solutions during the energy transition.”

About DNV GL

DNV GL is a globally operating organisation in the field of quality assurance and risk management. DNV GL's objective is to protect life, property and the environment and assist organisations in improving the safety and sustainability of their business. DNV GL, of which the founding dates back to 1864, is globally active in over 100 countries with 13,000 experts who strive to support their clients in making the world safer, smarter and more sustainable.

About Bredenoord

Bredenoord is an independent family business that develops, delivers, maintains and secures reliable decentralized power systems for successful entrepreneurs. From its headquarters in Apeldoorn the company has operated in various industrial sectors all over the world for over eight years. Bredenoord’s continued striving to innovate and improve translate into three pillars: fuel saving, new technology and reducing emission. Together with our partners we develop advanced technologies for clients, such as hybrid energy storage systems.

DNV GL in the (renewable) energy sector

DNV GL is known worldwide for its test and advising services for the energy value chain, including the renewable energy sector. Our expertise spreads from onshore to offshore wind energy, solar energy and conventional energy generation, transmission and distribution, smart networks and the use of sustainable energy, to energy markets and energy laws and regulations. Our experts support our clients all over the world with safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy supply.

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