Working sustainably is in the Bredenoord genes. And that is precisely the reason why the certification for the NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2004-standard took some time. For this standard a company must control environmental risks and strive for permanent improvement of the environment related performance. General manager Jaap Fluit: “For our customers we have developed several clean and efficient Clear Concept products during the last years. Less fuel and less emission are the basis of all our innovative plans and this is exactly the starting point of the 14001-standard. As a company we already complied with many demands. Now we can officially prove it, which is important for customers that have to do comply with environmental legislation and tender demands.”

Solar panels and more
Harry Keurhorst, Technical director, supervised the entire certification process. “Our people are continuously thinking of savings for the customer. It was just a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s in order to guarantee this in work progress meetings and tool boxes. However, the interesting aspect of this 14001-procedure is that you also look at your own performance. We already have solar panels on the roof, but it has also become clear that we can still achieve much more by means of small measures such as movement detectors and timers. It is good to see that employees now come with additional suggestions for sustainable measures.”

Our motto: always cleaner and more efficient
Also the safety aspect of NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2004 was already well taken care of, says Keurhorst. “Everyone is aware of the importance of working safely, both here and at the customer’s. It is not for nothing that we have VCA++ and ADR-certifications. All that remains then is attention to details such as the timely and safe storage of hazardous substances.” So it as only logical that Keurhorst is already working on the next objective that falls outside the scope of the 14001-standard. “We make an inventory of our CO2-footprint to see how we can further reduce it, perhaps by means of the CO2-performance ladder. We also invest in new trucks with Euro6-emission standard and we set standards for lease cars. ‘Always cleaner and more efficient’ remains our motto in all fields.”

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