Mobile Solar Plant illuminates objects at Art Rotterdam

During last summer’s event season our Mobile Solar Plant has illuminated many locations via sustainable power, however this beautiful location between all this wonderful art beats everything

Margien Storm van Leeuwen, manager New Business Bredenoord

Art and sustainable power. This special combination can be admired during Art Rotterdam from 9 through 12 February at the site of the Van Nelle factory. Together with artist David Jablonowski of Gallery Fons Welters, Bredenoord installed the Mobile Solar Plant for the illumination of his objects via sustainable power. Click here to find out more about Art Rotterdam! If you want more information on the Mobile Solar plant, please contact Margien Storm van Leeuwen. Or watch this short Mobile Solar Plant film.

In need of temporary power in the region of Rotterdam? Please contact Harold Harte or our collegues at our office in Ridderkerk.

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