Grand opening of Groningen Depot!

On 30 September 2016 the grand opening of the new Zuidbroek depot (Groningen) took place. Through this depot Bredenoord can serve its customers in the north of the country even faster. 

Opening Zuidbroek Collage

Photographs: HG Media

Bredenoord makes use of the premises and facilities of pump supplier Buitenkamp. Both Buitenkamp and Bredenoord have a long history and a broad experience. Buitenkamp as a specialist in pumps and Bredenoord as a specialist in (mobile) energy provision face the same challenges and both offer solutions such as 24/7 service, a focus on reliability and a fast delivery. The collaboration was reinforced by co-organizing the opening event of the location. At this location you can find all your Bredenoord rental equipment and accessories. Generators, ESavers, but also distribution cabinets and cables are now available ‘just around the corner’. It goes without saying that we can also be of assistance if you want to acquire your own (customized) power supply and we can provide maintenance of the machinery.

Bredenoord and Buitenkamp introduced themselves briefly while the guests were enjoying a snack and a drink and there was a possibility to take a closer look at the several Bredenoord and Buitenkamp products. 

For more information about the new Zuidbroek location, please contact  Area manager Ton Verbeek.

B02 10 111

Ton Verbeek Account Manager Rental Noord Nederland

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Depot Groningen

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