GoodFuels & Bredenoord speed up the temporary green energy market

Since Bredenoord and GoodFuels introduced green festival power earlier this year during Noorderslag a steady stream of new customers has chosen this solution. These customers included Dekmantel, Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future, achieving a combined CO2 emission reduction of around 32.500 kg. The trend towards more sustainability in the festival scene appears to have taken another great step forwards.

The Green Power Plan

This year GoodFuels and Bredenoord will expand their collaboration by introducing the Green Power Plan. This plan provides the most sustainable mobile power solution in three steps. In the first step Bredenoord helps the customer determine their power consumption. Step two consists of employing fuel saving combinations, such as ESavers or power management. In step three the gensets are equipped with renewable diesel from GoodFuels. This plan results in a fuel efficient and extremely sustainable solution that reduces CO2 emissions as much as possible, allowing us to deliver green energy. This solution is used in a variety of industries, such as festivals and construction.

A green solution, quickly

Jeroen van Heiningen, managing director Road & Rail at GoodFuels: “This year we’ve seen a strongly increased interest in green temporary power that is partially generated through renewable diesel. We expect the green festival to increasingly become the norm and, eventually, a requirement from licensing authorities. Together with Bredenoord we can quickly offer a reliable green solution.” Margien Storm van Leeuwen, manager New Business at Bredenoord: “Together with GoodFuels we provide our customers with reliable power and the lowest possible fuel consumption and CO2 emission by combining a hybrid and economical power installation with renewable diesel.” Lyke Poortvliet, Sustainability Manager ID&T: “At the moment GoodFuels sustainable diesel is made from recycled fats, which is the most sustainable and reliable alternative for the energy supply of our festival.”

About Bredenoord

This family business from Apeldoorn has over 75 years of experience in the fields of engineering, production, sales and rental of reliable, temporary and permanent power solutions in northern Europe. Bredenoord currently focuses on developing more efficient and sustainable power generators. The resulting products in its Clear Concept philosophy are based on new fuels, new conversion methods and increasing efficiency and emission reduction. Bredenoord is active in markets all across Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium. For more information: please contact Margien Storm van Leeuwen.

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