Founding of new company Event Power Group

For power provision at large international events

Together with its partners The Powershop and Horlemann mobile energy, Bredenoord has founded the Event Power Group (EPG). EPG specialises in power provision for larger international events. Bert van Dijck, manager of EPG: “In particular it concerns large sports events that are broadcasted. Here the stakes are extremely high. A blackout of a few seconds during a broadcast means extensive financial damage for sponsors that pay for television exposure. We relieve the organisers of that worry.”

One stop shop
The three partners already demonstrated the quality of the combined service provision during several events such as the European Football Championships in 2012 and the World Championships in Berlin. Here they provided power for the hospitality as well as the more critical broadcasting. “Now by combining our strengths in an official capacity we improve our service provision,” says Van Dijck. “The customer now has the guarantee of one single point of contact for all questions and services, we have become a one-stop-shop solution. Because of our expertise in matching people and equipment, also unique opportunities arise. For example I foresee new technical solutions if we combine the Bredenoord know-how of low- and middle voltage with the high voltage expertise of Horlemann. Event organisers can call on us for innovative tailor-made solutions. And of course we always strive to minimalize the adverse effects, such as CO2, as much as possible, which is always an important requirement for events.”

High-level sparring partner
Large events such as European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games require high-level service provision. “The financial sums at stake are huge, television rights, sponsor funds and hospitality-arrangements, but also for example insurances premiums. At Event Power Group we understand those interests and therefore we fully focus on the event. We are a high-level sparring partner for event organisers.” EPG has a kick start. “In December we have been entrusted with the power supply during the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014. Energy-wise we will guarantee a smooth tournament!”

For more info please check: www.eventpowergroup.com.

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