Off-grid solar-based power plant: new product for foreign markets

Bredenoord has developed a new power plant for off-grid solar-based systems, resulting in fuel savings up to 40%. The Off-grid solar-based power plant links a solar installation to a generator that, as a result of a smart tuning mechanism, uses as much solar energy as possible for the end user. In this process the generator guarantees the stability and warrants a maximum energy availability. Through the combination of solar energy and a generator, a much more efficient operation is guaranteed and fuel savings are high. This product is primarily intended for sites outside Europe where there is a high demand for autonomous, reliable ‘power plants’.

Reliable energy including savings
The Off-grid solar-based power plant provides ‘stand-alone’ energy (varying from 3 kW to 3 MW) and is extremely suitable for off-grid solar-based systems that have no connection with the electricity grid. By means of a unique combination of existing technologies the maximum output of solar energy is utilized and if necessary the generator provides additional energy. "Operating at full power costs a lot of fuel and therefore also causes a high CO2  emission", says Franz Hullegie, manager Export Development at Bredenoord. "By using these technologies we can tune our Off-grid solar-based power plant in such a way that it only provides the really necessary energy. Tests prove that the reliability of the ‘power plant’ remains guaranteed, while at the same time it results in fuel savings up to 40%, when compared to the use of only generators.”

Pilot set-up on own roof
Bredenoord has developed the new technology in-house and tested it extensively on the roof of its headquarters in Apeldoorn. Since February there are 162 solar panels on this roof with a combined power of 40 kWp. Bredenoord performs the tests with different technologies, different types of solar panels, batteries and generators and combinations thereof. "Each practical situation is different and requires a tailor-made approach of the perfect combination of technologies. In this way we can tune each Off-grid solar-based power plant in such a way that is best fits the situation and needs of the client.” 

Clear Concept
The Off-grid solar-based power plant is part of the Clear Concept line. A concept line in which Bredenoord uses a three-angle approach for the improvement and sustainability of energy systems: new technologies, alternative fuels and the reduction of emission and fuel consumption. This product-line also includes products such as a generator with a self-cleaning soot filter (ClearAir), the hybrid generator ESaver, a hydrogen generator (Purity), the Clear PLM (light tower) and Power Management.

Please contact Franz Hullegie for more information. 

Franz Hullegie

Franz Hullegie Export Development Manager

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